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House Concerts

ModNomad hosts monthly "Live at the Shack" concerts featuring the local and phenomenal duo, Something about Fireflies, as well as other singer-songwriter opening acts, spoken word performances and interviews with social creatives, activists, entrepreneurs, journalists, economists and more. 


We'll soon post the date for the next "Live at the Shack" but mingling always starts at 5:30, music around 6:30. The shows are free, and we ask attendees to bring food or drink to share. If you're interested in being featured at one of these events, please get in touch.

Sorry...there is no on-site parking except for the musicians, but you can take the opportunity for a nice stroll around Sausalito. Then wander down our quaint dirt lane and look for the party lights! 

Take a look at works by our featured artists. Make new friends and learn about opportunities to collaborate. Listen to live music as you gaze at Mt. Tam and the bay. Get inspired and connected. 



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