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The GoGo Kitchen

The GoGo Kitchen is a customizable ​and portable ​art-piece kitchen sculpted from salvaged marble, wood, steel and tile, featuring energy-efficient appliances and ​a greywater filtration systems for unique and sustainability-minded homes​ and businesses​.

Handcrafted in Marin County, California, the GoGo sits on caster wheels, allowing the freedom to easily move and adapt to surroundings big and tiny. Change up your space to fit your individuality and lifestyle​ or business needs​ over time—without the ​headaches of typical built-in kitchen projects. 

GoGo Kitchens are built by sculptor Jeff Smith, whose work is featured in the American Visionary Art Museum inBaltimore and the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston.​

"The essentials of a modern kitchen? A stove, a sink, a refrigerator, some pots and pans, a knife and some serving spoons.

All else is optional."

– Mark Bittman

Gypsy Kitchen -20 with photocredit
Photo Sep 30, 12 35 33 PM
Gypsy Kitchen -8
Gypsy Kitchen -14
Photo Sep 26, 11 33 24 AM

The original GoGo design is a perfect fit for studio apartments, in-law units, guest cottages, cabins and yours, as well as small wineries, galleries, offices, and game rooms. Having a party? Wheel her outside!

Let's Collaborate!

We're working on new modular designs and if you dig what we're starting here, let's collaborate on making the ideal GoGo kitchen for you. We especially like to incorporate into the design family heirlooms, items or materials that mean something to you.

Art-piece GoGos are made to order for clients and pricing depends on several factors including what appliances you choose. Send us an email and we can start a conversation about rolling a GoGo into your space.

ModNomad is also seeking nonprofit partners in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide fundraising, public relations and media outreach services, as well as our design/build expertise. We'll build a campaign to help elevate your mission and broaden your outreach efforts, and provide a mobile kitchen for creative and office-use purposes. With so many nonprofits housed in rented office space, a GoGo Kitchen means you can take it with you when you move and cut down on construction costs and waste.

Contact us at:

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