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Watercolor By Samantha Shackelford

The Residencies

Artwork by Samantha Shackelford


ModNomad offers subsidized and free residencies to social artists and activists, journalists, economists and entrepreneurs instigating for the common good and with whom we collaborate. 

Take a look at some of our featured work, events and folks on the site and let us know what you're up to. We don't have a formal application. Just send a proposal about what you're working on and how we might aid your efforts.

We currently offer the following options, but are open to other possibilities. 



  • Free week-long residencies in the Sanctuary Shack 


  • One full-time, year-long residency with studio space on the ModNomad compound. This is a subsidized rental situation for an artist or activist in exchange for collaborative efforts with ModNomad events and projects.


Send us your thoughts and we'll noodle on how we might collaborate and create synthesis with your efforts. Onward! 

Current Residencies

Samantha Shackelford

Samantha Shackelford / Artist-in-Residence

Puzzled Portrait by Samantha Shackelford
Samantha Shackelford at Women's March

Samantha Shackelford with Jennifer Nix (ModNomad Founder) & Laura Steinfels at the Women's March in San Francisco, January 21, 2017

Samantha Shackelford is ModNomad Studio's current Full-time Artist-in-Residence. Attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for web design & new media, she's helped put together this very website. Samantha also has a strong background in various methods of illustration and supplied JPSF, a silk-screening art gallery in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, with 200+ original images during a two-year apprenticeship. Samantha is currently developing her own business and brand, EverPresent Unfolding Design, to best synthesize and market her creative endeavors. Currently building her “art inventory” for screen-printing on clothing, woodblocks, canvas and paper, you can follow her progress Instagram (@samishackelford) . On the activism front and under ModNomad's pro-bono program, she is developing Indivisible Sausalito’s website, which connects its specifically-focused committees and creates an informative landing space for newly-engaged activists seeking ways to become more aware and involved in our democracy. 

Artist Statement:

While in residency at ModNomad Studio, I am developing a creative consulting business that provides services in silk screening, web site design, and illustration. I am greatly inspired by the natural beauty, design and aesthetics here at ModNomad,  and by the philosophy and mission, which synthesizes art, design and activism in service of the common good. If you have a project about which you might like to connect and consider my services, please send a note to If you'd like to be considered for ModNomad's pro-bono consulting services, please contact

Business Development

Old business cards that have been transformed into tags for clothing that I am printing on.

View from ModNomad Studio

The beauty of the view from the back room in ModNomad Studio is hard to capture...

Yin and Yang drawing by Samantha Shackelford

Yin & Yang encircled by consciousness and the elements.

ModNomad Studio Scene

A space to listen to music and contemplate album covers in ModNomad Studio's back room.

Peace Mandala by Samantha Shackelford

Original artwork for Naughty Field Mice flyers and posters. 

Hydrangeas in ModNomad Studio

Looking into the backroom window with violet hydrangeas.

EverPresent Unfolding Design Logo by Samantha Shackelford
Working with shadows

EverPresent Unfolding Design logo

Fun shadows while working:)

Brad deGraf

Brad deGraf / Core Contributor & Occasional Resident

Brad deGraf

Brad deGraf has been a core contributor and occasional resident here at the ModNomad Sanctuary Shack since our founding. He collaborated on several activism projects during the 2016 election cycle, and continues to contribute myriad design ideas and solutions. A truly collaborative spirit, his mind is always going! Check out his wildly impressive CV


As we began to work on ModNomad Studio's kitchen dilemma in 2015, Brad was converting the carport of his former midcentury architectural gem (by architect Robert Marquis) in Mill Valley, CA, into a studio apartment and we spit-balled many of the initial mobile kitchen ideas that led to GoGo Kitchen and greywater system prototypes. We also shared building materials to reduce waste—like some leftover pipe from his deck project, which adorns the original GoGo Kitchen that lives here at the studio. His version now lives on a live/work compound he's begun designing with his partner, Julia Whitty, in Sebastapol, CA, in line with the same principle of integrating art, design and activism in service of the common good. Nothing makes us happier than seeing this idea spread and adapting it in various ways to create more live/work shared communities with space and practices conducive to thinking bigger and bolder about how to address the complex challenges facing people and planet. 

Brad deGraf 

Bernie Sanders Rally, Oakland, CA. May 2016  


Brad's stellar background includes pioneering work in computer animation and influencer networks, as well as all manner of design and software development, and he's been a leading light in social-movement political and media-reform activism over the last 20 years. His latest entrepreneurial efforts are Sociative, Inc. and an off-shoot, social media-based curatorial news platform, Rise! News, to which ModNomad founder Jennifer Nix contributes. You can follow progress on the latest project on his Sebastapol compound on Instagram (@braddegraf).

Brad deGraf and Jeff Smith

Brad deGraf with GoGo collaborator and ModNomad featured artist, Jeff Smith in the Bamboo Forrest in Mill Valley, CA.

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